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2012 International Corporate Intellectual Property Practices Convention a Success

The 2012 International Corporate Intellectual Property Practices Convention, jointly sponsored by the German law firm of Grnecker, Kinkeldey, Stockmair & Schwanhäusser and Jiangsu Sunyu Information Co., Ltd., was held in New Town Hotel in Nanjing on October 16th to strengthen exchange and cooperation between Jiangsu enterprises and overseas intellectual property service institutions. The purpose of the convention was to establish a locally-based, enterprise-oriented, multi-national information service platform and channel that effectively links Jiangsu province's local technological service system with the world's top-class professional intellectual property service institutions and enable sustainable expansion and growth as well as lasting communication and interaction.

Officials such as Mr. Liu Hongshan, Head of the Coordination and Management Division of the Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office and Mr. Tang Baolian, Director of Jiangsu Province Scientific and Technological Intelligence Research Institute, attended the convention. Mr. Liu addressed the convention on behalf of the provincial intellectual property office and warmly congratulated the success of this event. He then presented the development status and strategies of Jiangsu intellectual property and encouraged Jiangsu province local enterprises to strengthen their enterprise intellectual property practices effectively on the international level.

As the highlights of the convention, Mr. Aufenanger, senior partner of the German Grnecker, Kinkeldey, Stockmair & Schwanhäusser, practicing attorney Ms. Franke, and patent attorney Mr. Jin Yilin delivered wonderful presentations on hot issues such as how enterprises should seek intellectual property rights protection and enforcement in Europe in the context of international business. From Sunyu, Executive Vice President Mr. James Shan and Marketing Manager Ms. Sophia Zhao met with guests for face-to-face communication and exchanges on patent translation issues. The participants enjoyed a lively atmosphere at the convention site, and walked away with the feeling that the event was very productive and useful.

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